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Is Your Grass Giving You Issues?

Extreme heat, lack of nutrients, a plethora of animals, and unpredictable water patterns can all lead to issues with sod.

Not enough water? Too much water? Damage from insects? Armadillos? Wild hogs?

Many homeowners find themselves in situations where they are spending Way more time on their yards than they initially anticipated.

Employees of Wesley Chapel-based Lawn Care Company Installing Sod on a Big Residential Lot
Wesley Chapel Resident Installing Sod on His Lawn

How Can You Grow It Back?

You know you want grass to grow in your yard, but you have no idea how to make it happen.

Where do you start?

Growing plants in what seems to be a dead area is one of the most difficult things that you've ever tried to attempt, and scientifically, you know it can't work without healthy soil.

So what do you do?

We'll Install Your Sod

ProScapes Lawn Care provides sod installations for situations like these all the time.

Sod is a layer of pre-fertilized grass dug up in roots and soil, and is usually applied onto any dry area in need of more grass.

People usually need sod if they have issues growing their grass, have had an insect invasion, or are looking to install a brand new lawn.

We'll make sure your sod is properly installed and even create a maintenance plan to care for it.

Employee Unloading Sod To Be Installed on a Residential Lawn in Wesley Chapel Florida
Wesley Chapel Residence After Having Sod Installed

Enjoy Your New Lawn

Finally, you'll have nice bright green grass to look at each day.

You'll love how it makes your residence look each time you come home.

You'll also feel a sense of relief knowing your yard is back to a healthy and lively condition with soil and fertilizer to keep it protected.

How do you get great landscaping service, on time and on budget? You call ProScapes Lawn Care, that's how. They can deal with your needs above ground as well as below. Sprinkler system is working perfectly to keep the newly sodded grass moist. The newly installed outdoor lighting makes the house look more inviting at night. Thanks, Andrew.

- Andrew H.

Residential Sod Installation Wesley Chapel

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