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Unhappy With Your Surroundings?

Have you ever arrived at your home in Wesley Chapel after a tiring workday, only to feel like something was just off about your lawn? You know, that feeling when you look at your outdoor space and think, "Hmm, this could look so much better!"

If you don't like your own yard, what about your neighbors, family, and friends? Are they impressed by your home's exterior, or do they judge your lackluster curb appeal? If you're nodding your head in agreement, don't worry! You're not alone!

A well-maintained yard has something special that gives a house that extra oomph, that special touch that makes it stand out on the block.

So, to bring your home's exterior to life and give it the curb appeal it deserves, what can you do?

Wesley Chapel Residential Property Without Landscape Lighting
Landscape Lighting System To Be Installed on a Wesley Chapel Residential Apartment

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Lighting up your land is the key to making your abode stand out and creating a welcoming vibe for your family and visitors!

Yet, with the demands of daily life and household responsibilities, finding the time to install and set up residential lighting throughout your yard can be challenging.

When will you have the time to enhance your home with the perfect light fixtures? And, more importantly, how do you determine the ideal placement for fixtures and navigate the complexities of wiring? It's just not possible. Or is it?

ProScapes Lawn Care Offers Residential Landscape Lighting in Wesley Chapel

Welcome to ProScapes Lawn Care, where our premium landscape lighting services bring outdoor spaces to life throughout the county!

Our expert team specializes in enhancing your home's exterior with carefully selected fixtures, highlighting its architectural beauty and landscaping features. With our diverse lighting options, you can create a personalized ambiance that fits your unique style and preferences.

But we don't just focus on aesthetics - our residential landscape lighting also serves practical purposes. Illuminate your pathways and walkways for safe navigation during the night, and brighten up dimly lit areas to contribute to your home's security. At ProScapes, we're all about creating a safe and beautiful environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Vehicle of Wesley Chapel-based Lawn Care Company and Newly Installed Residential Landscape Lighting
Well Lit Residential House in Wesley Chapel Florida After Installing Landscape Lighting

Enjoy Your Beautiful Space

With help from ProScapes Lawn Care, you'll get exactly what you're looking for in your yard! Neighbors, family, and friends will be immersed in a beautiful, bright ambiance that will bring you a sense of contentment. And the best part? You didn't have to lift a finger!

For any inquiries or to request a quote, feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is our priority!

If you are not using Andrew and Proscapes you are doing it wrong. My wife and I had an idea that we wanted to do something with our front planter, but we didn’t know what. We made suggestions as to what we wanted to do and Andrew took over with the creativity. He did not approach our job as to how much he could charge us, he approached it as to what would make us happy. He made plant suggestions and even saved us money where he felt we should not go with the plan we were thinking. We added up lighting to the front yard and wanted to add more, but Andrew persuaded us not to because it just wouldn’t have the effect we were looking for. Like I said before, he was more concerned with the finished product than he was with adding more to the bottom line. Friends have already hired him and I will do so again for future projects. I will add some day pics tomorrow.

- Sean F.

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