Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Overwatering can cause just as much damage as under watering. We can help by making sure your irrigation system is working properly and programed correctly.

Absolutely. Over fertilizing can cause an increase in fungus and insects as well as hurting the environment by running off into lakes/rivers and water supply.

Every property is different, requiring different treatment and sometimes different plants/grass. We customize each property with an individual plan.

Pocket pruning and/or seasonal cutbacks can rejuvenate plants.

Depends. Every plant has different needs. We can suggest the right plant for the right place.

We will use the proper size machine to avoid this issue and alter mow paths. An even broadcast of fertilize will help this issue as well.

Not right away. The plant or tree is still pulling nutrients from the damaged area. We'll wait until new growth starts to do any cutbacks.

Yellowing can be caused by fungus, lack of nutrients, or under watering.

Mowing with dull blades. That’s why we make sure to go out with sharpened blades every day.

Depends on the supply. Sometimes adding onto an existing zone is best and sometimes adding an extra zone is a better option. We'll provide recommendations based on your property's layout and existing irrigation zones.